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Barnahus: Protecting
Europe’s children

Barnahus, the child protection hub offers accommodation and safety to the victims and witnesses of child abuse. Cinnamon designed, developed, and is now maintaining the website funded by the European Union and carries out vital work for the kids.

product design

web development


Barnahus, the Scandinavian word for the “children’s house”, represents a child-friendly center for abused children. Barnahus works as a child-friendly office, under one roof, where law enforcement, criminal justice, child protective services, medical and mental health workers cooperate and together assess the situation of the child and decide how to follow-up.

Scope of work

UX Design
UI Design
Wordpress Development

Informative content about Barnahus’ commitment

The main challenge was to recreate the website that would more appropriately communicate what Barnahus is, what resources are at their disposal, how to apply for the membership, what are their goals, activities, and news. The new design had to be fresh and easy to engage with.

Another challenge was the reorganization of the content which was overflowing with dry information. The question was how to break the overflow of text and insert relevant images considering photos of children were not allowed.

placeholderBarnahus-intro (1).jpg

An approachable
design for the
Barnahus network

A delicate design concept

Improving usability while also being delicate with the subject at hand.

Refreshing the brand

The aim was to keep the same branding, but tweak it into a vigorous and effective design.

Attracting the right users

The data is positively and encouragingly displayed to invite the right users to join.

Attention to mobile responsiveness

The users can get informed wherever they are and on any mobile device.

De-cluttering the existing sitemap

When we came across the website, it was quite confusing, not intuitive, and poorly arranged. The information was hidden and it was difficult to get the needed data. Cinnamon reconstructed the flow in a logical sequence so that everyone could find what they’re looking for.


Reorganisation of the content

As stated in the previous paragraph, due to the puzzling organization of the content, we had to apply low fidelity wireframes carefully and thoughtfully. Cinnamon managed to rearrange the user flow, making it more approachable and easier to use.

placeholderreorganisation-of-the-content-desktop (1).png

Defining and positioning the elements

High fidelity wireframes, the last stop before the beautification of the website. It wasn’t hard to place the data within the new setup, as we defined it all in the previous step. We transcribed low fidelity wireframes while coming closer to the user interface phase.

placeholderGroup 546 (1).png

Bringing the new visage of Barnhaus to life


Incorporating the new design

Cinnamon put together the unification of the user interface across all pages. Following Barnahus’ branding and colors, we used images for breaking down the content overflow. The initial colors were gloomy, but we managed to refresh them and revive the organization with a new look.

placeholderGroup 548.png

Compelling publications for social media

Cinnamon was tasked to create mockups for books and documents that were meant to be showcased on the client’s social network. Their story is told through effective visuals that grab people’s attention while sticking to Barnhaus' tone, colors, and typography.

placeholderGroup 549.png



Everything went very efficiently and smoothly.

I had one point of contact who was super tuned into all the details of the project and led the whole thing from beginning to end with professionalism and efficiency.

Shawnna von Blixen,

Network Coordinator, Children at Risk

Raising awareness about abused child victims

Barnahus stands for standard practices in providing child victims and witnesses of violence immediate access to justice and care. Cinnamon was handed over a great amount of documentation, which seemed challenging in terms of organizing and displaying all that data, but we managed to motivate the users to actually read it.

Committing to this project has been an eye opening experience, as we gained an insight into child protection. At the end of the day, we at Cinnamon are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of fulfilling the vision of keeping the world a safer place for our children.

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