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Avionica: Database
with up-to-date
technical info

Avionica offers an encyclopedic overview and a map view of all active aircraft types with all relevant technical and operational data in the mobile digital format.




Avionica was set to make a comprehensive aircraft database in an accessible mobile format. The app serves as a verified reference point and an essential digital training material for pilots, flight controllers, enthusiasts, students, and related aviation specialists.

Scope of work

UX Design
UI Design

Goal: Reliable and organised avio-pedia

Our objective was to create an application that offers comprehensive and reliable database information for all aircraft types, including military variants. The app is imagined as an up-to-date, aircraft encyclopaedia, where you can seamlessly search for plane information using various filters, with an accent on the 'compare aircrafts' feature which allows user to compare various models and their specs in detail.


Useful tool for
professionals, students
and enthusiasts

Creating punctual encyclopaedia

Unified updated and accurate database of aircrafts and their specs and metrics.

Incorporating learning elements

Quizzes, plane comparison and learning elements useful for students and instructors.

Seamless air traffic live tracking

Live air traffic monitoring with detailed information about each flight.

Complex system - organised design

Live tracking, compare option, large aircraft specification, various settings and filters, incorporated into an easy to use and organised app.

Depicting various customer profiles

The starting point of any project is research, which involves understanding how we can assist the client in enhancing their product and creating great user experience. Considering the unique characteristics of the Avionica app, the primary research phase focused on establishing user personas to gain a better understanding of its target audience.


Discovery workshop

Before beginning any work on the Avionica project, we conducted a series of collaborative sessions with the client, in what we call a Discovery Workshop. During these sessions, we were able to explore in detail why we were creating the product, who we were creating it for, and how we would plan out each milestone of work. In the initial sessions, together we mapped out all the relevant factors of the product itself, uncovering current problems in the aviation education system, the needs of users, and the level of data complexity required.

placeholderDiscovery workshop-desktop.png

Feature prioritization

To validate our findings, we conducted several user interviews with air traffic controllers, working pilots, and aviation students. During these interviews, we gained qualitative data on what their personal experiences were in using existing educational material and/or digital products. In doing so we were able discover patters in recurring pain points and to understand their specific needs. At a later stage in the Discovery Workshop, and building upon our user findings, we were then able to list all the possible features of the Avionica application, while carefully assessing each feature’s complexity level and relevance. During these sessions, we distinguished between core features, nice-to-haves, and features that might be implemented in later versions.

placeholderFeature prio-desktop.png

User flows and Moodboards

In the final phases, together we drafted concrete information that would be used in the project itself: user flows to know how the application would be used, and a clear visual direction we achieved through moodboarding and sharing visual inspiration. Additionally, we designed drafts of key screens — to better prepare the stage for the design work later on. The Discovery Workshop resulted in a clear blueprint for the entire project and increased the chances of the product’s success with a clear vision and understanding of the problem we were solving.


Resourceful foundation as a route to success.

After conducting our initial investigation, taking inspiration from the emerging discipline of behavioural economics, we have devised a sitemap that provides a thorough understanding of the application's overall framework. We aimed to ensure simplicity, coherence, and functionality throughout the design.


Wireframe stage

To gain a clear understanding of the essential elements of the app design and ensure a well-organized layout, structure, and functionality, we conducted a workshop during the wireframing stage with a subset of our design team. Our main focus during this stage was on enhancing app usability without visually distracting elements.

placeholderWireframe desktop.png

Complex app
which is simple
to use

The application needed to contain a substantial amount of information, options, settings, and features, presenting a challenge to create an interface that maintains optimal usability while accommodating these components. To address this, the user interface was designed to be visually uncluttered and straightforward, yet robust and engaging. Additionally, a dark theme was implemented, a feature that’s highly praised by the users due to its ability to extend battery life and reduce eye strain.

placeholderBasic image.png

Organised and
clean Admin

In conjunction with the mobile app, we were tasked with developing a dashboard that allows managing of the aircraft and manufacturers database, administration of the admins and users database, and incorporates additional settings for features like glossary and API integration. This had to be embodied into a streamlined dashboard that offers seamless usability across different devices.

placeholderAdmin dashboard-desktop.png



Impact of Discovery Workshops on product quality

Our work on the Avionica project allowed us to have a great perspective on the importance of discovery workshops and how they can influence the quality of the product, regardless of the industry. We also learned that the key to creating a usable app, that seamlessly integrates plenty of information, lies in carefully crafting intuitive user interfaces and implementing an effective navigation system. Striking a balance between simplicity and depth, the app becomes a valuable tool that empowers users to efficiently explore and utilise the extensive knowledge at their fingertips.

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