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Tailor-made digital solutions.

Building software solutions can be challenging. Opting for Cinnamon means receiving guidance from experts who cover the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to deployment.

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Product discovery workshops, design sprints, user research, user interviews, and product planning are some techniques we use before jumping to the design itself.

Product design
Product design

Producing, prototyping and testing sketches, high-fidelity wireframes and the final UI is a process that results with intuitive and impactful design easy on the eye.


By selecting the befitting tech stack and architecture for the deliverable in question, we build out the product until it's a fully-fledged digital solution.

Quality assurance
Quality assurance

Our QA engineering team makes your product bug-free, bulletproof and performance-driven throughout both automatic and manual testing.

Marketing & growth
Marketing & growth

By understanding the mechanics of digital marketing, we make sure to put your product, at the right time, in front of the right people.


Product discovery workshops, design sprints, user research, user interviews, and product planning are some techniques and methodologies we use to enable the client to set up their business goals.

Discovery Workshops icon
Discovery Workshops

Collaborative sessions designed to explore and define project goals, requirements and constraints. The output typically includes a set of key findings, which help inform the projects roadmap and plan.

small package

medium package

large package

Design Sprints icon
Design Sprints

Time-constrained and collaborative approach to problem-solving that helps the team quickly develop, prototype and test new ideas or improve existing products or services.

3-day design sprint

4-day design sprint

5-day design sprint

User research icon
User Research

Depending on the projects needs and goals, we use methods that will help us gather insights and feedback from users to better understand their problems, needs, behaviours, motivations and preferences.

qualitative research

quantitative research

product planning

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discovery workshop

product design

Avionica: Database
with up-to-date technical info

Avionica offers an encyclopedic overview and a map view of all active aircraft types with all relevant technical and operational data in the mobile digital format

Product design

Successful product is the one that users turn to again and again. That’s why user-centered design is at the heart of every product we do. We deliver logical UX and beautiful UI for both mobile and web.

Strategy icon

Products based on real-world data will out-perform others every time. We combine qualitative and quantitative research and market analysis in order to build a robust, scientific foundation for your success.

discovery workshop


project planning

user persona

competitor analysis

User Experience design icon
User Experience Design

We keep relentless focus on your business goals and user’s needs, while we meticulously cover all the possible user flows during the low‑fidelity and high‑fidelity wireframes phase.

information architecture

user flow



usability testing

User interface design icon
User Interface Design

Beautiful is good. At least that’s what our brains are hardwired to think. Our skilled designers know how to use this to your advantage and to design products users will not just use, but enjoy.

visual design



interaction design

design systems

Product design thumbnail

product design

Attitude Hotels:
The real feeling of Mauritius

Attitude hotels unveil to their guests not only room accommodations and beautiful interiors but brings to view a real Mauritian experience. Cinnamon's redesign came to capture that affection and present the hotels in an authentic light.

Web development

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, you need a full stack engineering team you can rely on to make the right choices for your project. We use our experience to keep your product ahead of the curve.

Frontend development icon
Frontend Development

Our frontend team brings our clients’ products to life with non-repetitive, easily maintained code that performs. We’re focused on JavaScript stack and we follow only the best industry practices.




Backend Development icon
Backend Development

Our hardworking backend team will create the best architecture for any application, while developing fast and reliable REST APIs, providing simple and straightforward integration solutions for each product.

rest api



WordPress Development icon
WordPress Development

Our experienced WordPress and WooCommerce developers give us the ability to build anything, from a boutique blog website to large-scale e-commerce solutions. Fast, affordable and robust.




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product design

web development

Fiona: Engage & decide

Fiona is a fintech consumer-facing website that enables users to search for financial products, discover them, and receive personalized recommendations.

Mobile development

The ever changing Mobile development environment is full of challenges. But we never met a challenge we couldn’t solve. Be it in Flutter, native Android or native, iOS, if it can be done, we will do it.

Flutter development icon
Flutter Development

If you want to build a native-like mobile app in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way, Flutter is the way to go. This Google technology is the future and our 12 developer strong team is on top of it.



bloc architecture


Android Development icon
Android Development

We began as an Android studio and die-hard fanatics of native Android development. If you’re focused on the ultimate performance of your app, native development in Kotlin is still the way to go.



mvvm architecture

dagger 2

iOS Development icon
iOS Development

We’ve been delivering consistently top‑of‑the‑line iOS apps for more than six years now, while always staying one step ahead of the ever‑changing Apple guidelines and App Store policies.


mvvm architecture



Mobile development thumbnail

product design

mobile development

web development

quality assurance

Stake Something:
End procrastination

Stake Something challenges users to risk their own money by fulfilling the goals and keeping their stakes, or transferring them to charity if they fail. Cinnamon constructed an intuitive flow accompanied by playful and inviting illustrations.

Quality assurance

Quality can’t be added to finished products. That’s why our agile quality assurance methods include both manual and automated testing throughout the development process, ensuring a perfect final product.

Manual Testing icon
Manual Testing

There are 6 types of software testing: functional, performance, use case, exploratory, usability, regression. In order to deliver truly exceptional end products to our clients, we perform them all.

product quality

test plan

test cases

QA Automation icon
QA Automation

Automated test cases are far more efficient, but also allow us to monitor the execution of tests and compare real-life results with expected outcomes, thus seeing how products perform when used.



test reports

Quality assurance thumbnail

mobile development

quality assurance

Listen to messages on the move

ping means breaking new ground in reading messages out loud when driving. Among other features, Cinnamon developed the “drive‑safe” mode, where users enjoy an eyes‑free experience while receiving emails, texts, and messages from varied platforms.

Marketing & growth

Having a great product isn’t enough; it’s got to get in front of your audience. Understanding the mechanics of digital marketing, we make sure to put your product, at the right time, in front of the right people.

SEO & ASO icon

Improve your app and website rankings and drive more traffic. We optimize and A/B test keywords and copy, analyze the outcome and make sure your products stand out among the competition.





Performance Marketing icon
Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is a better way to do paid advertising. Using a systematic, testing approach that’s transparent from beginning, we drive growth and provide key learning insights for your company.

apple search ads

google app campaigns

google ads

paid social media

user acquisition audit

Marketing and growth thumbnail

product design

mobile development

quality assurance


Database with up-to-date technical info

Avionica offers an encyclopedic overview and a map view of all active aircraft types with all relevant technical and operational data in the mobile digital format.

Agile team on demand

Agile Team illustration

We assemble the perfect team to create your product, saving you a lot of hassle and unnecessary overhead. By hiring and managing talented people with skills specific to your project, we build you a team that’s accomplished, agile and scalable in both directions.

Best of all, your product team will be working in a productive, motivational environment for a company that has a 95% employee retention rate and a top 5 employer in Croatia award under its belt.

How it works


We help you define your needs and timeframe: what kind of experts you need now and who you need later on.


Onboarding your first team members from Cinnamon. We find the perfect match and kickstart the project.


We recruit and preselect experts for remaining positions. You interview them and give final approval.


Our proven agile routine ensures your project runs smoothly, deadlines are met and you are always up to date.

Everything went very efficiently and smoothly.

I had one point of contact who was super tuned into all the details of the project and led the whole thing from beginning to end with professionalism and efficiency.

Shawnna von Blixen,

Network Coordinator, Children at Risk

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